Anna’s Magic violates all the rules – as expected from magic – eat whatever your heart desires, and the weight disappears.
The composition of the tea is:

  • Parsley leaves, dried and milled and ground;
  • Young nettle, dried and ground;
  • Parsley seed, ground in a stone mortar;
  • Cinnamon, milled;
  • Cloves, milled and ground;
  • Green tea, only the leaves, dried, milled, ground and dried up;
  • Horsetail, picked before flowering, dried, milled and ground in a stone mortar;

What it means when we say ground?
Grinding is a procedure whereby a dried and milled plant is pressed in a stone mortar with a pestle until it begins to release essential oils and enzymes.
Why in a stone mortar?
Because wood is porous, so it would absorb all the necessary precious oils that actually “do” the work – melt the fat cells and tear the cellulite cells… The composition is not a secret. The magic is in how and to what point the herbs are milled, dried and ground, which plants are added in what amount… it is knowledge, feeling, or how herb masters put it, a skill that is taught for years…

Anna’s Magic – eat whatever your heart desires, and the weight disappears.