Anna’s Magic violates all the rules – as expected from magic – eat whatever your heart desires, and the weight disappears. You must not ‘keep a diet’ ! It is important that while drinking the tea you are not starving. A diet, by definition, giving up some foods or reducing food intake. It is important while drinking the tea that you are not hungry, that you take all kinds of food and control the weight and waist and hips size. The Anna’s Magic Tea is not a diuretic or laxative.
How much weight can you lose ? How much weight you can lose depends on general health, age, hormonal status, eating habits… There is no precise mathematics. However, the average lost is about 5 kg in the first month. Anna’s Magic Tea is designed for people who want to lose weight, because the primary effect of the use of the tea is weight loss and cellulite loss.
Who cannot lose weight ? There are a number of diseases and conditions where absolutely nothing helps, not even the Anna’s Magic, namely: a strong poly-cystic ovary syndrome, a strong imbalance of sex and thyroid hormones as well as the disorder of secretion of leptin. In milder forms of these diseases, you can lose 2-5 kg per month, but if the disease is strong and not treated, nothing helps, not even magic. It is necessary to regulate general medical condition before using the tea.