Food Safety Policy

 Products of Anna’s Magic are intended for healthier and better life, which obliges us to provide high quality and safety of production processes, high quality finished products, as well as the high quality of services. To fulfil our primary objective – high quality and safety in products and service, it is our duty to effectuate the following objectives:

  1. quality of processes and products is a priority in the work;
  2.  continuous improvement of processes and products quality;
  3. consistent control of product and process management to ensure full compliance with customer’s requirements and all relevant regulations and elimination of risks to safety and health;
  4.  identifying and meeting the customer’s requirements, expectations and needs;
  5. meeting the needs of society;
  6. quality and long-term cooperation with business partners;
  7. achieving and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction;
  8. profitability of the business and owner satisfaction;
  9. Security, good working conditions and employee’s satisfaction.

All employees in Anna’s Magic team with their superior professionalism in performing their duties contribute in achieving its stated goals.

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