What does “Anna’s Magic” slogan mean ?

  • The ‘Anna’s Magic’ trough Anna’s Magic Tea violates all the rules – eat whatever your heart desires and the weight disappears.

What is Anna’s Magic Tea ?

  • The Natural Blend of Traditional Herbs made from proven origin on the highest standards of production and recipes older than 100 years;

For whom Anna’s Magic Tea is intended ?

  • Anna’s Magic Tea is designed for usual people who want to lose weight and in same time do not have enough time to go in gym or practice weekly running.

What is a primary effect of Anna’s Magic Tea treatments ?

  • The primary effect of the use of the Tea is weight and cellulite loss.
  • Additionally improves blood count, a strong impact on the improvement of blood circulation, improves liver and kidney performance, regulates digestion and significantly reduces swelling of joints;
  • One of the most common effects of the tea is improvement of the appearance of skin and hair density;

What Anna’s Magic Tea is not ?

  • The Anna’s Magic Tea is not a diuretic, and it doesn’t increase the secretion of urine – and therefore there are no contraindications with respect to blood pressure;
  • It is not a laxative, which means it is not a purgative;

What Anna’s Magic Tea contraindications existing ?

  • There are no contraindications to any drug or medicinal product, except in the case of allergic reactions to some of the ingredients – there have not yet been registered an allergy to any of the ingredients of the tea.

What is ingredients of Anna’s Magic Tea ?

  • Parsley leaves, dried and milled and ground;
  • Young nettle, dried and ground;
  • Parsley seed, ground in a stone mortar;
  • Cinnamon, milled;
  • Cloves, milled and ground;
  • Green tea, only the leaves, dried, milled ground and dried up;
  • Horsetail, picked before flowering, dried, milled and ground in a stone mortar;

What it means when we say ‘ground’ ?

  • Grinding is a procedure whereby a dried and milled plant is pressed in a stone mortar with a pestle until it begins to release essential oils and enzymes.

Why in a stone mortar ?

  • Because wood is porous, so it would absorb all the necessary precious oils that actually “do” the work – melt the fat cells and tear the cellulite cells…
  • The composition is not a secret. The magic is in how and to what point the herbs are milled, dried and ground, which plants are added in what amount… it is knowledge, feeling, or how herb masters put it, a skill that is taught for years…

How to lose weight with Anna’s Magic Tea ?

  • You must not “keep a diet” !
  • It is important that while drinking the Tea you are not starving.
  • As a diet, by definition, giving up some foods or reducing food intake.
  • It is important while drinking the Tea that you are not hungry, that you take all kinds of food and control the weight and waist and hips size.


How much weight can you lose ?

  • How much weight you can lose depends on general health, age, hormonal status, eating habits… There is no precise mathematics. However, the average lost is about 5 kg in the first month.


Who cannot lose weight ?

  • There are a number of diseases and conditions where absolutely nothing helps, not even the Anna’s Magic Tea, namely: a strong poly-cystic ovary syndrome, a strong imbalance of sex and thyroid hormones as well as the disorder of secretion of leptin.
  • In milder forms of these diseases, you can lose 2-5 kg per month, but if the disease is strong and not treated, nothing helps, not even magic.
  • It is necessary to regulate general medical condition before using the tea.


How to prepare and use the tea

  • Pour (0.4 to 0.5) Gallons  or (1.5-2) Deciliters of boiling water over one bag of tea, cover, leave for 10 minutes… and drink. You do not have to remove bag from the cup, but you may do it. The Tea has a mild and pleasant taste, reminiscent of cake or gingerbread.
  • You should drink the Tea in the morning: after breakfast, the most 2-3 hours after waking up, and in the evening: after dinner, the most 2 hours before bedtime.


Who cannot use the tea?

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers – they are protected categories where the use of the tea can be allowed in cases of severe anemia, obesity which poses a threat to the life of the mother or fetus and any use of any product or drug must be arranged with the gynecologist, obstetrician or pediatrician;
  • People with cancer – because of the increased circulation, before using the Tea the oncologist should be consulted;
  • Children under 15 years of age – in the case of obesity, you should consult a pediatrician, nutritionist and hematologists, and only with their consent and constant control you should give the Tea to a child.


Which type of Package is possible ?

  • Anna’s Magic Tea –  primary packed in elegant natural wooden boxes, size (8.66 x 3.94 x 5.19 ) Inch, with natural rope and perfect engraving.
  • For our consumers, we made three different packs: Single, Double and Triple pack, suitable for One, Two or Three months of treatments.
  • Main, Single Pack contains 60 small filter paper bags in individual porous paper envelopes without paper glue. Total net of Single Pack consist 90 grams or 2.12 oz of the Anna’s Magic Tea.

Anna' Magic - Slimming Tea

Anna’s Magic tea – eat whatever your heart desires, and the weight disappears.

Anna's Magic Tea