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Anna’s Magic – Seven decades of friendship with herbs

Anna’s Magic – Tea for Weight Loss

It is made of herbs that we use in our daily nutrition and for treatment, according to a recipe that was passed down from generation to generation of herbalists and that each successive generation enriched by adding a new and better effect.

Who among us has the time to spend hours and hours in the gym every day, or to cook 5 healthy meals a day? We are all human beings, we love salty as well as sweet and delicious, and a piece of cake or a lunch with our family should not be a cause for concern, but a pleasure. We all know the rule – starving brings weight loss.

Anna’s Magic violates all the rules – as expected from magic – eat whatever your heart desires, and the weight disappears.

Production Anna’s Magic is done in the company Bilje Borča. Bilje Borča LLC combines centuries of experience in traditional medicine with modern technologies in the field of medicinal and aromatic herbs and with its products promote healthy and quality lifestyle.

Once a small family business, Bilje Borča LLC is currently one of the largest private companies in its field in the Balkans, with over 50 herbal end products in our assortment, and with leadership positions in manufacturing, processing and trade of herbs and herbal products such as tinctures, extracts, oils, etc…

Bilje Borča’s products are characterized by a rich assortment of end products and semi-finished products of medicinal and aromatic herbs. A wide range of intermediates such as tinctures, extracts, oils makes this company one of the main suppliers of herbal products to all major pharmaceutical and food companies in the region.

It is on this basis various herbal based end products have been developed, including tea bags, herbal drops, herbal syrups and capsules. With over fifty products, this company now has an important place in the domestic and regional markets, and with its high-quality herbal teas, syrups from BronhoSan label is conquers new markets.

In order to better present ourselves in new markets, and to attract customers of different tastes with innovative and stylish design, we have launched a new line of teas specially formulated and designed for different world markets. Teas are made according to traditional recipes, with imaginative flavour combinations and carefully chosen ingredients for keeping and improving health and quality of life.

Anna' Magic - Slimming Tea

Anna’s Magic tea – eat whatever your heart desires, and the weight disappears.

Anna's Magic Tea